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About Pitcher Services, LLC

Pitcher Drilling Company (Pitcher) commenced operations in 1933 providing water well drilling services using cable tool rigs.  Under the management of founder, John Pitcher,  Pitcher evolved into one of the preeminent geotechnical drilling companies in the United States.  Pitcher Drilling is responsible for many advances in geotechnical drilling methods, including the Pitcher Sampler, a discrete soil coring tool still used widely today. 

In 2001 Pitcher was purchased by Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc.  With the resources afforded by the new ownership, Pitcher has been able to upgrade and diversify the equipment and services offered.  The blending of new equipment and tooling, combined with the experience and professionalism of its employees, has allowed Pitcher to continue to enhance services.  Pitcher is now positioned to tackle even the most complex geotechnical site investigation projects.

In 2018 Pitcher Drilling became Pitcher Services, LLC.

Pitcher Services, LLC is a subsidiary of Gregg Drilling, LLC.
Gregg is a member and active participant of the following national, state and local organizations:

California Chamber of Commerce
National Groundwater Association
National Drilling Association
CalGeo: The California Geotechnical Engineers Association
ASCE Chapters throughout California

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