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Pitcher Services, LLC (Pitcher) began operations in 1933 offering water well drilling services.  Since our inception, we have evolved into a full service drilling contractor and provide a wide range of geotechnical drilling and testing solutions. Our geotechnical drilling expertise encompasses site investigation and down hole testing.  With extensive experience completing investigations at hard to access sites, we have the knowledge and equipment to work on any site where information is needed, on-land and over water. 

Fraste XL Mud Rotary on Unimog Truck

Pitcher operates a Fraste XL mud rotary drill that is mounted on a large tired, Unimog vehicle.

Fraste XL Mud Rotary

CME 55 conversion drill rig

The truck-mounted CME-55 shown here is a convertible drill rig that can operate as a hollow-stem auger or mud rotary drill. It is available for geotechnical drilling and sampling.

CME55 Conversion Drill

SPT Energy Calibration Equipment

Pitcher uses a pile driving analyzer® (PDA) system to conduct SPT energy calibration. An instrumented section of NWJ or AWJ rod measures strain and acceleration with each hammer blow. The PDA then calculates the amount of energy transferred to the rod by the force-velocity approach. Different SPT rigs and hammers are widely variable, therefore it is important to know the amount of potential energy transferred to the rod from the hammer. From this it is possible to adjust the measured N value to the normalized N60 for standard 60% energy transfer into the rods.
SPT Energy Callibration Equipment

Track-mounted Fraste XL mud rotary drill rigs

The Fraste XL mud rotary drill rig is capable of traversing a 2:1 slope and conducting geotechnical drilling and sampling. With a relatively small footprint and quiet operation, this rig is versatile and works well in residential areas to rugged difficult access terrain.

Track mounted fraste xl

Vane Shear Testing (VST) Equipment

Pitcher operates a digital iVane from a.p. van den berg to measure undrained shear strengths in soft clays. It can be used in soft clays as well as other fine grained soils such as silts, organic soils, fine-grained tailings and other soft fine-grained materials where a prediction of the peak and remolded undrained shear strength is required. The iVane is digital and has a torque motor and measuring torque load cell down-hole for improved accuracy. The digital readout displays undrained shear strength versus rotation to provide a detailed record of the test. The iVane can measure undrained shear strength values up to 14,000 psf (700 kPa) using a 1.2 inch (30 mm) diameter vane or 900 psf (45 kPa) using a 3inch (75mm) vane.

The iVane has an accuracy of 0.5% of full scale reading. The rate of rotation of the vane can be varied from a slow 0.1 degrees/s up to 12 degrees/s.

Vane shear testing

Truck-mounted Failing 1500 mud rotary drill rigs

Pitcher deploys a wide range of mud rotary drill rigs. One of its longest standing is the Failing 1500 used for geotechnical mud rotary drilling projects.

Truck mounted failing 1500

CME 850 Track mounted drill rigs

Pitcher uses a CME 850 steel tracked drill rig for projects located in difficult access areas with rough terrain. This drill is capable of traversing a 2:1 slope and conducting mud rotary or hollow stem auger geotechnical drilling and sampling.

CME 850 track mounted drill rig

Skid-mounted CME 45 mud rotary drill rig

Pitcher operates a CME 45 drill rig that can be mounted on barges, boats or land-based vehicles depending on the project requirements.

Skid mounted CME 45 mud rotary

Skid-mounted Mobile B80 mud rotary drill rigs

Workers using a skid mounted mobile b80

Pressuremeter Testing (PMT) Equipment

Pitcher operates a TEXAM pre-bored pressuremeter to preform in-situ loading tests in a wide range of ground conditions. This in-situ test, originally developed by Louis Menard, can be used for calculation of:

  • In-situ stress-strain curve and pressuremeter modulus
  • Unload/reload cycles for modulus
  • Bearing capacity for shallow and deep foundations
  • Settlement of all types of foundations
  • Deformation of laterally loaded piles and sheet piles

The TEXAM Pressuremeter features:

  • Rugged construction
  • No compressed gas required
  • Controlled rate of deformation
  • Ease of cyclic testing
  • Compact and portable
  • Compatible with a range of materials from soils to soft rocks
  • Can be deployed inside slotted steel casing for granular soils below the water table
Pressuremeter testing equipment

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