Barges & Near-shore Equipment

Pitcher Services has conducted geotechnical testing and sampling in lakes and reservoirs across California over its 90 years of operation. Many of our track mounted and limited access drill rigs can be used on barges or lift boats for overwater operations.


Overwater projects have a unique set of challenges that Pitcher is ready to handle with skill and ease.

Network of partners to offer a full suite of services including: vessel/barge positioning, marine surveying, dive support, ROV support

Geotechnical drilling & sampling

Cone Penetration Testing & Seismic CPT


Pitcher has access to a range of platforms including jack-up boats and barges, sectional barges, and support vessels from which our marine investigations can be conducted.  In addition, our marine drilling & testing equipment can be operated from vessels of opportunity which allows us to reduce mobilization cost and respond quickly to clients’ needs. These platforms allow for maximum flexibility to suit project conditions and can easily be deployed in most marine settings.

Drilling, Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), seismic testing and various sampling activities can all be accomplished over-water.

Please contact our Project Managers for more information on what over-water platforms would be best equipped for your specific project needs.


Resources & Specifications

With a full suite of possibilities, Pitcher Services can provide a complete geotechnical investigation for your over-water project. From Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) to sampling, coring and geophysical testing, we have you covered.

For People, For Planet

Pitcher Services is the company many engineers in California have known and come to trust. If you are new, we welcome the opportunity to build a long-term partnership based on our client-focused solutions.

We are proud of our partnership with the Operating Engineers Union #3 and #12  and as part of Sealaska, are an Alaska Native owned company.

As part of Sealaska’s Woocheen group of companies, our over arching goal is that of ocean health. We are dedicated to the philosophy of “For People, For Planet”