Instrumentation Installation

Pitcher is accomplished at instrumentation installations and destructions for both piezometers and inclinometers. A benefit of working with Pitcher Services is the union partnership Pitcher maintains with Operating Engineers local #3 and more recently, local #12. These partnerships have allowed Pitcher to expand and offer services across California.

Pitcher has worked on various seismic, geotechnical and instrumentation projects, drilling all types of ground conditions in all types of locations. Using the latest drilling equipment and technology combined with a wide range of experience spanning many years, we can lend special expertise to instrumentation and construction projects.

Benefits of Monitoring

Pitcher offers a full suite of instrumentation installation/destruction services for bridges, dams, embankments, foundations/excavations, groundwater, landfills, slope stability, wind turbines, pipelines and tunnels

Piezometer installations for monitoring pore water pressure and groundwater levels

Inclinometer installations to monitor movements and stability


Groundwater monitoring wells

We’re ready for you

With more than 90 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Pitcher Services is your reliable and quality partner. We hope to demonstrate our value through our capable equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.