Cone Penetration Testing Services

Now offering CPT services

Pitcher is now offering CPT services with the support and training of our sister company, Gregg Drilling. Gregg Drilling has been a leading provider of CPT services in the Western US since the early 90’s. Pitcher now operates one of Gregg’s custom designed 30-ton CPT trucks out of our Palo Alto location. Our CPT services include standard cone penetration testing and seismic CPT along with various direct-push and discrete soil samplers.

Safety is our priority

It is our company policy to hand clear locations to 5ft for utilities and we stand by our commitment to this practice. Not only does it enhance the safety of our crews and clients on-site, but the general public and environment as well. Other service providers may skip this critical step to increase their daily production but we are invested in the people and planet and will not sacrifice safety for the bottom line.


Technical Expertise:

Pitcher relies on the highly trained data quality monitoring provided by our sister company, Gregg Drilling. Our CPT data is reviewed by Gregg’s reporting team and processed using industry standard software, CPeT-IT and provided to our clients in PDF, data files and a CPeT-IT project file.

Interested in learning more about cone penetration testing (CPT) for your project? Contact our Technical team with questions or watch one of our recorded webinars by leading CPT expert, Dr. Peter Robertson.

An excellent reference on the application of CPT data is found in the 7th edition of the Guide to Cone Penetration Testing by Dr. Peter K. Robertson and Kelly Cabal. Download your copy below.

Company policy to hand-clear locations to 5ft for utility safety

Fully air-conditioned and heated interior for comfort

Real-time data presentation

On-board washroom

Stainless steel interior and triple wash sinks for environmental sampling

Support truck for concrete coring & grout mixing/tremie grouting


Pitcher’s vast experience drilling throughout California and exceptional safety rating provides the confidence and trust our clients have learned to value.

Pitcher has made a name for ourselves in Northern California as an exceptional drilling company. We are proud of our partnership with the Operating Engineers union and have a wide breadth of experience on both public and private projects.


Cone Penetration Testing Resources

Download the CPT Guide to learn more about Cone Penetration Testing or check out Dr. Robertson’s recent presentation at CPT’22 with a summary of “50-years of CPT”

We’re ready for you

With more than 90 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Pitcher Services is your reliable and quality partner. We hope to demonstrate our value through our capable equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.

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