Hollow Stem Auger Services

Hollow-Stem Auger Drilling

Pitcher Services specializes in rotary drilling but many of our rigs are capable of deploying augers in the initial portion of a borehole before switching to rotary methods. This can be beneficial when conducting groundwater sampling in shallower stratigraphy and we would typically deploy hollow stem auger methods when drilling to relatively shallow depths and installing smaller monitoring wells.

Pitcher’s drillers and operators are reliable and efficient whether working on a geotechnical sampling project or collecting samples for environmental analysis.


Variable Equipment:

Pitcher operates both truck and track mounted rigs for both geotechnical and environmental site investigations. Truck mounted drills are perfect for metro areas whereas tracked equipment is useful for difficult access and off-road locations. Our combination auger/rotary drills are equipped with automatic SPT hammers for geotechnical sampling and can utilize other systems to complete continuous sampling, coring and environmental sampling.

Simple and inexpensive solution for shallow borings

Perfect for environmental well installations

Option for combination auger/rotary drill rigs for more versatility

Track & truck mounted equipment depending on the project location


Pitcher’s vast experience drilling throughout California and partnership with the Operating Engineers Union #3 and #12 provide an excellent resource for meeting your project needs.

Pitcher not only strives to maintain one of the highest safety ratings across California, we are constantly improving our equipment to provide our clients the highest quality service available.

Pitcher has recently re-trucked most of our equipment and upgraded our drill rigs to new, efficient and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant systems.

We’re ready for you

With more than 90 years experience drilling in California and surrounding states, Pitcher Services is your reliable and quality partner. We hope to demonstrate our value through our capable equipment, knowledgeable and experienced personnel and our exceptional safety standards.

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