Concrete Coring & Utility Clearance

Clear first before you dig!

Pitcher Services operates a Simco 255 PTC pavement core drilling rig capable of drilling 2-18″ cores through concrete and sidewalks.

We also operate a portable concrete core drill powered by a generator and able to anchor to the concrete surface. This is useful for limited access or indoor locations.

Pitcher recently acquired a limited access air-vacuum that can be operated off a lift-gate with a towable compressor for utility locating and clearance.


At Pitcher Services, safety of both our personnel, our clients and the community is paramount. Utility clearance is a short-cut that some contractors skip but can have deadly results.

Concrete coring through sidewalks

Support truck services

Utility clearance & locating

Limited or indoor access

For People, For Planet

Pitcher Services is the company many engineers in California have known and come to trust. If you are new, we welcome the opportunity to build a long-term partnership based on our client-focused solutions.

We are proud of our partnership with the Operating Engineers Union #3 and #12 and as part of Sealaska, are an Alaska Native owned company.

As part of Sealaska’s Woocheen group of companies, our over arching goal is that of ocean health. We are dedicated to the philosophy of “For People, For Planet”