Pitcher Services, LLC (Pitcher) has been conducting geotechnical site investigations in California for more than 90 years. We have always strived to leave as little impact at a site as possible and make it a requirement to always restore a site to its original condition prior to terminating drilling operations.

Pitcher is distinct in our area of expertise due to our partnership with the Operating Engineers #3 union in Northern California. We provide reliable and quality site investigation services by our highly trained personnel AND we satisfy your union and small business project requirements.

We strive to be the best site investigation provider in the Western US offering a full suite of drilling services, cone penetration testing, sampling, and instrumentation installation. In addition, our experienced personnel can maintain a high productivity rate saving time and money to the overall project.

Download a PDF of our capabilities statement.

Need additional services?

If something isn’t listed here, it doesn’t always mean we don’t know how to help you. Please reach out to one of our project managers, many have operated the equipment themselves and can help craft a site investigation plan that will utilize the best equipment for the job.