Packer Testing

Permeability Measurements

Pitcher Services conducts single and double Packer tests in drilled boreholes according to ASTM D4630-96 Standard Test Method for Determining Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient of Low Permeability Rocks by In Situ Measurements Using the Constant Head Injection Test.

A packer test can be used for multiple purposes, mainly to measure the permeability of a section of ground within a borehole.


The first step is drilling and conducting detailed logging of a borehole. This is usually followed by geophysical logging and/or flow profiling of the well. Televiewer logging may be used at this step for the geophysical portion. This information is used to select isolation points for a series of packer tests.

A Packer is lowered into the borehole to the desired depth and inflated. Water samples can then be collected and aquifer tests conducted. These tests will allow you to understand the vertical distribution of water quality (usually contaminants) and hydraulic conductivity in the aquifer.

This information not only identifies the various water producing zones but also aids in determining the necessary course of action for resolving potential groundwater issues.

An additional step can be taken to monitor the water level in nearby wells while pumping the packed intervals. This may identify permeable intervals within an aquifer and aid in determining the location of future monitoring wells.

Determine the water quality in discrete zones in both cased and uncased wells

Determine the hydraulic characteristics of distinct zones within a borehole

Identify water producing zones

Resolve potential groundwater issues

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