Track-mounted drills

Pitcher operates a number of track-mounted drill rigs. The CME 850 is a steel tracked vehicle for off-road use and the Fraste Multidrill XL140 is a compact, limited access rig. More information on difficult and limited access equipment can be found at the link below.



Pitcher operates a Fraste FS250 rubber tracked drill for deeper borings and well drilling.

Dimensions: L 33’6″ x W 8’4″ x H 13′ (mast down) H 32’6″ (mast up)

Mud rotary methods

Borings up to 900ft

Deep well installations

Angled borings

Fraste Multidrill XL 140

Pitcher operates a track mounted Fraste Multidrill that is compact, flexible and yet still very powerful. It has a limited access small footprint and conducts mud rotary drilling.


  • Borings up to 400ft
  • 4-10″ diameter with 6″ well diameter

Dimensions: Height (mast up) 21.2ft, 9.7ft (mast down), Length: 21.3ft, Width: 6.6ft


Pitcher also operates a CME850 steel tracked rotary rig perfect for hillsides, all terrain areas and difficult access.

Ground bearing pressure is only 2.9psi which is less than an average man’s footstep!

We can also reduce the height of the mast if overhead clearance is an issue.

The CME850 can turn augers for shallower depths and switch to mud rotary coring for deeper boreholes.


  • Borings up to 400ft
  • 4-8″ diameter with a maximum well diameter of 4″

Dimensions: Length, 21ft Width, 8ft, Height (mast down) 8.5′, 27ft (mast up) or can be reduced to approx. 23ft in height if needed.

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